Sheena McGregor

Health and Safety at exhibition openings
Clip Title Health and Safety at exhibition openings
Interviewee Name Sheena McGregor
Interviewee Role Founding member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and ran the workshop in the first premises, alongside Beth Fisher.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 29 October 2018
Clip Length 0 minutes 43 seconds


SM: Honestly, just incredibly drunken affairs. But, I remember, I think I’ve probably said it to you before, but - I can’t remember whose work it was. There was a wooden plinth [in the Ingram Street Gallery] that had a big metal head on it. And it was big and it was solid. And there’s usually tiny kids doing the wall of death while their parents were all getting pissed, y’know, so. But some child bumped it and this head fell and it kinda bumped – I remember Calum [McKenzie, Director] and me looking at each other and going [mouths] ‘Oh My God’, if it had hit the child it would have actually probably brained them. But then there should have been, you know, a cable. It wasn’t anchored. So that’s when we get into health and safety. It was all a bit, ‘seat of your pants productions’, you know, but [mumbles] it all was, there was some really amazing work.