Roger Farnham

The development in the approach to Health & Safety
Clip Title The development in the approach to Health & Safety
Interviewee Name Roger Farnham
Interviewee Role Workshop member since the late 1970s, involved with fundraising committee, the Board and helped organise Loveliest Night of the Year events
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 25 October 2018
Clip Length 1 minutes 25 seconds


RF: Well there’s a lot more health and safety than there was forty years ago, let’s say. And I used to wash my hands with some outrageous mixtures of stuff [laughs]. I went home very clean but probably dissolving on the way home [laughs]. Uh yeah, I mean again I had colleagues in health and safety who I asked to bring in and do a survey, and again more freebie consultancy from others which, thank you very much Cathy and Bill Ross and people like that [laughs] Paid them off with the odd print obviously! So yeah, the um- we had a mixture of mechanical risks and chemical risks and whatnot. You need to keep on your toes and Claire [Forsyth, current Workshop Manager] does a good job in keeping it all under control, sort of thing.

KP: Mhm. Yeah, health- health and safety is a theme frequently mentioned by people when I ask them about previous, um, time in the Print Studio [laughs] about how safe or otherwise it was so er…

RF: I don’t know, it’s good that there’s good induction courses now and the induction- well some places I know charge for inductions ‘cause people think they’re a good way to get an understanding of the process. I don’t know if we do, but maybe we should be because it takes a couple of hours to take somebody around a full induction course. And there’s plenty of ways you can hurt yourself if you don’t think about it, so- yeah so it- it needs to be managed obviously and- and the studio is, you know.