Jacki Parry

Reflecting on the Workshop, past and present
Clip Title Reflecting on the Workshop, past and present
Interviewee Name Jacki Parry
Interviewee Role Founding Member of Glasgow Print Studio in 1972 and user of the Workshop since the premises first opened.
Interviewer Name Kerry Patterson
Interview Date 7 November 2012
Clip Length 1 minutes 19 seconds


KP: Do you think it still remains fairly, in keeping with the original kind of goals of the Print Studio?

JP: I would say so, yes. I mean I think it’s a really good place to work. It’s a very nice atmosphere in there and the facilities are really excellent.I mean there’ll always be folk that say, “oh I liked it better in the old days” you know, “you could smoke in there!” [both laugh] or you know without all this health and safety stuff. You know some folk’ll say “Oh I preferred the oil-based screenprinting inks” or something like that. One thing that is different now - well there’s a lot of things that are very different now, it’s great that we have the really excellent digital suite. And Murray’s an absolute whizz in there, I think. I mean the facilities, just the scale of the prints that you can do, is really amazing. And his advice you can have as well. [This is not a verbatim transcript of the interview but it was requested and approved by the interviewee]